2016 Week 35 SEO News Recap

Updated Google Schema Review Guidelines for Local Businesses

Why/What: Google has updated their rules for Local Business‘s use of review rich snippets. The one big change that comes from this is the prohibition of marking up reviews from third party sites. Another update is that sites must allow users to post both positive and negative reviews. It will be interesting to see how Google goes about enforcing this.

Google’s mobile-friendly label has now been removed from the search results

Why/What: As of Wednesday (Aug. 31, a great day I might add) Google is no longer displaying the mobile-friendly label within mobile search results. Google removed the label because they wanted to clean up the mobile search results and the majority of sites (~85%) are mobile-friendly now. Due to the high adoption rate of mobile friendly interfaces, this label wasn’t much of a differentiator anymore, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped using their mobile ranking signals (quite the contrary).

How social proof can boost SEO

Why/What: While social media doesn’t directly impact Google search results, it is certainly a piece that can be utilized to benefit web traffic. This article focuses on brand awareness at a high level and the correlation with web results, among a number of other items that can help to create a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

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