2016 Week 37 SEO News Recap

Google To Update Their JavaScript Recommendations & Guidelines

Google’s John Mueller spoke in a Webmaster hangout recently about JavaScript.  He spoke to two points related to improvements for JS: 1) rendering and 2) recommendations. These updates will certainly impact the industry and could give greater insight into how Google is crawling JS.

Google Adding More Thumbnails to Organic Search Results Listings

Google has rolled out some changes for mobile search results that make them more visual. This is something that has been seen in testing over for a while. This should encourage sites to both provide images and make sure they are of a decent quality in case they appear in search results.

1.75 Billion Websites Removed from Google Search Results

The total number of URLs that have been removed from search results due to copyright requests recently crossed the 1.75 billion threshold. This is an astounding and ever growing number that affects over 890K websites.

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