2016 Week 38 SEO News Recap

Penguin is now part of our core algorithm

Google’s Penguin algorithm got an update and is now rolling out to all languages. There are two key changes: 1) Real-time and 2) page specific. The real-time refresh is huge as webmasters will no longer have to wait for a refresh to get out of the penalty box. The greater granularity means that rankings will be adjusted based on spam signals, instead of impacting the entire site. Google also mentioned that they’ll no longer comment on future refreshes.

Using word vectors and applying them in SEO

The article delves into how natural language processing and machine-learning can be useful for SEO. Both are hot topics as more marketers build and strengthen content based on related topics and semantic intent. There is certainly some leverage that can be gained from utilizing tools out there especially when building it into a holistic repeatable process.

Site Not Mobile Friendly? Google Offers Mobile Friendly Version of Page in Chrome

Google Chrome is now offering people the ability to view a mobile friendly version of a non mobile friendly page. Chrome essentially rebuilds the page and it’s content to be much easier to navigate and read. Initially this looks to be a Chrome feature for Android but will surely roll out to all users as it is incredibly useful, even if it’s only for about 15% of pages.

Bonus: Everything you need to know about Google’s ‘Possum’ algorithm update

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