2016 Week 39 SEO News Recap

Google Announces Google Optimize: Testing For All, For Free!

Google Optimize, a free version of Google Optimize 360,  is coming out next month. This tool will show how different site experiences impact users, and gives you the ability to deliver them. A/b testing and conversion optimization should be a part of any digital marketing effort and ideally is an extension of the search marketing team.

Case study: JavaScript blocking Google’s view of hreflang

Hreflang is HTML coding, which allows search engines to better understand multilingual domains. The article covers a brief study on how Google, who with all their crawling advancements, still struggles to find content (such as hreflang) because of Javascript. This was talked to at length in the AngularJS webinar and at Clarity ‘16.

Google Showing AMP Results On Desktop Results

Google recently started including AMP URLs as part of mobile web results. Previously they were only seen in the Top Stores section of mobile search. An issue occurred, that some searchers found, where AMP results would show up in desktop results. AMP results are designated for mobile devices only and clicking into these URLs on desktop was causing further issues. It seems Google has since fixed this bug.
Bonus: Google adds new schema named “Science Datasets” for marking up scientific or government data

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