2016 Week 40 SEO News Recap

Google Testing Advanced Verification Process For Plumbers & Locksmiths

Google is introducing an increase in verification scrutiny, specifically for plumbers and locksmiths, for their Google My Business listings. The focus is on types of businesses that are often affected by local business fraud. This is currently being tested in San Diego but if all goes well, it will likely be rolled out across the country and internationally.

Google Patents Context Vectors To Improve Search

The article covers a patent recently granted to Google, for a way to organize information on the Web in a manner which can help to better organize and index information. Specifically using context vectors to help understand how words are used in connection with each other. This would help to overcome issues that plague a basic search engine that looks for a word and returns results that match that word. Basically a search engine would try to give a search greater context based upon other information that the search engine maintains.

How to check which URLs have been indexed by Google using Python

While against Google’s terms of service, this article shares a way to determine what URLs are in Google’s index and which are not. This is invaluable as it can provide insight into potential issues with a page or pages on a site. Google will start to block this and typically force captchas if the rate of speed for the searches is done too frequently, so user beware.

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