2016 Week 42 SEO News Recap

Google on what’s important for 2017: Machine learning, AMP & structured data

Googler Gary Illyes provided his top three things to be aware of and look for when it comes to search. This is included: machine learning, AMP (accelerated mobile pages), and structured (semantic) data. Mobile continues to be a big focus, especially as it relates to speed. Contextual topic relevance has been a hot topic lately and looks like it will be for the foreseeable future.

Google Wants to Know Where You Are At All Times, According to New Patent

A recent patent was granted to Google that expands further than simply tracking your location via GPS coordinates. They want the ability to identify the places you visited by collecting relevant data from multiple sources and devices. This could turn into a big brother type scenario where they see nearly every place you go if you’re opted in.

JSON-LD Google’s Preferred Structured Data Markup

Structured data has a few different formats and methods of implementation. Googler John Mueller mentioned that they “switched to preferring (JSON-LD) slightly”. While a slight preference isn’t earth shattering, it is possible that newer data types will be strictly utilize JSON-LD. The primary difference otherwise is what meshes best with your site, CMS, and page speed.

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