2016 Week 43 SEO News Recap

Google’s John Mueller: Image Links & Text Links Are Pretty Different

In a fairly light week of news in the SEO world, John Mueller responded to a tweet regarding how the algorithm handles links to images versus traditional web pages and stated it is “pretty different”. While this might seem obvious, it’s also nice to hear confirmation from a Googler.

How Deep Learning Powers Video SEO

As deep learning continues to be a hot topic, this article focuses on how that will impact search optimization for videos. It covers how deep learning has helped companies to break down videos into individual images, identify what they contain, and sort them accordingly. This is pretty impressive technology that will certainly garner further interest as time goes on.

Google Fixes Manual Action Issue in Search Console

Google’s Search Console tool was experiencing a bug that did not allow webmaster who received manual action penalty emails to see or file re-consideration requests. This issue has been ongoing for at least a week and had a number of SEOs rather frustrated, as can be imagined.

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