2016 Week 44 SEO News Recap

Google AMP Gets Mixed Reviews From Publishers

AMP was introduced about a year ago and for end users has mostly been a success, specifically because of the quick loading time. Of course new technological innovations are not without some drawbacks, in this case that’s primarily been advertising. AMP is rather restrictive on what ads can be served so that page speed isn’t impacted and this has caused frustration for some.

Google creates its own antitrust woes with poor communication over search listings

Google has a somewhat unique issue related to antitrust because it’s core search product drives a huge portion of traffic to a countless number of sites. This causes controversy when sites with competing products or services to Google’s do not perform well on Google’s search engine. Of course there are many hundreds of factors that are involved in the mostly automated algorithm and it’s unlikely Google would do something that diabolical but speculation remains.

Mobile-first Indexing

A mobile first index for Google has always been about ‘when’ and not an ‘if’. It was only a matter of time before the official rollout began and with it a few reminders. The primary points being that content (including structured data) should be the same for any version of your site and if you don’t have a good mobile experience for users now it is absolutely the time to make that a priority.

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