2016 Week 45 SEO News Recap

Google: Content Within Tabs & Hidden For User Experience Will Have Full Weight

Mr. Gary Illyes mentioned, via Twitter, that with Google’s new mobile first index that content hidden for user experience purposes should be fully incorporated into the algorithm. This is different than what has been the historical standard, as hidden content was typically ignored or at least devalued.

Building Indexable Progressive Web Apps

While Google’s mobile first index is getting all the publicity, lest we not forget about apps. Google’s webmaster blog recently published a post on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for the current best practices for being indexed in their search engine. This includes making sure content is crawlable, URLs are clean, canonicals are specified, design aspects for multiple devices, iterative development, progressive enhancement, utilizing search console, annotating with structured data (including social), testing with multiple browsers, and measuring load performance.

Google to shut down Map Maker, its crowdsourced map editing tool

Google’s Map Maker is being retired in March (2017) as they transition to their Local Guides program. Not all Map Maker features are available in Local Guides as it stands currently, such as the ability to edit roads, but these could be added down the road. This change will hopefully allow cut down on the amount of errors and time it takes for edits to take place, which could potentially impact their local business offering, Google My Business.

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