2016 Week 47 SEO News Recap

Google plans to remove the ‘In the news’ section from its desktop search following ‘fake news’ criticism

Google’s “In the News” feature will soon go the way of the Dodo bird as it will be removed from desktop results in the coming weeks. This will be replaced with the Top Stories carousel feature that is already seen on Google mobile. Due to the timing of news results, they seem to go through a much less rigorous quality review. This has caused fake news results to appear, most recently with the US presidential election, which brought Google under heavy scrutiny.

Rich Cards expands to more verticals

Rich Cards, which were initially rolled out for movies and recipes, are expanding to restaurants and online classes. As with the first roll out this will start with Google US mobile results. Results can be seen in search results in a left to right carousel, or a vertical three-pack that allows for quick browsing. While not necessary, Google recommends that you create AMP pages to further engage users.

What Google Data Reveals About Black Friday Shoppers

The article leads off with a stat that states. “76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day” according to Google. It goes further into an analysis of shopping searches and store foot-traffic trends, with some interesting statistics. Other statistical highlights include: “59% of mobile shopping searches happen before the stores open” and “women drive the mobile web, searching for and buying products twice as much as men”.

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