2016 Week 48 SEO News Recap

Saying goodbye to Content Keywords

Google’s Search Console tool has seen a number of updates over the last year, primarily additions, but this latest change sees the removal of a legacy feature: Content Keywords. Content Keywords primary purpose was to see that Google could crawl your page, identify what content (or keywords) they saw when doing so, and help identify if the site has been hacked. Google has phased this out with their Fetch as Google tool, Search Analytics keywords, and website hacked notifications.

Ranking Events in Google Search Results

A patent granted to Google earlier this year, describes how they could rank events based on data potentially indicating the event’s popularity without relying on items like the number of links pointing to pages about the event. It involves ranking events that happen in actual locations, by determining physical location, time period, and computing scores based upon things such as event mentions and popularity score for the event based upon those other signals. This makes a lot of sense, as many local sites and events tend to have fewer linking signals to determine relevancy.

Google’s Hand-Fed AI Now Gives Answers, Not Just Search Results

One of the best features of Google’s Home product, is it’s ability to answer questions.This isn’t based on some master database, but rather the help of deep neural networks. This is the same technology that is seen in search results, specifically the knowledge graph. These pattern recognition systems can learn to perform tasks by analyzing data. In these instances, it learns to take content from a webpage and extract the information you’re looking for.

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