2016 Week 50 SEO News Recap

Enhancing property sets to cover more reports in Search Console

Search Console’s property sets has been updated to include a greater feature set. Property sets were announced earlier this year and allowed for a combined GSC reporting view. This new, expanded feature set includes the mobile usability report, AMP implementation, rich cards, hreflang markup review and more.

The Great A.I. Awakening

The article walks through how artificial intelligence found roots at Google and has begun to transform the organization, specifically the Translate tool. Understanding what machine learning does is great, but the ability to actually visualize the differences and the changes that Translate shows before and after are rather astounding. What makes it impressive is that it reads much more like an actual person with phrasing, than a direct robotic translation.

How Google may be slowing down AMP by not using direct links to publishers

As AMP Results continue to see more and more daylight with their expansion into mobile results (not just Top Stories) and images, there are still a number of imperfect items that might hinder adoption. Beyond just e-commerce pages (which cannot be “AMP’d” up at this time), there are questions about the URL because Google uses their own cache and even the speed. In a less than perfect test, Danny Sullivan tests the differences between loading from cache for both Google and your own host, with interesting results.

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