2017 Week 10 SEO News Recap

Google Fred Update Targets Ad Heavy, Low Value Content Sites

The Google Fred Update which we first spotted rolling out early morning on March 8th seems to be fairly big. After reviewing well over 70 sites that were hit by this update, 95% of them share two things in common.

Google’s John Mueller Reminds: “We Make Changes Almost Every Day”

In response to what some webmaters believe was a major Google algorithm update yesterday, Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller took the opportunity to remind everyone “we make changes almost every day.” As search evolves, dips and swings in rankings should be expected. Hoping things stay the way the are, or they way they always have been, is a sure recipe for disappointment. Yet Google has to reiterate time and again that changes occur on a near-daily basis.

Google launches new effort to flag upsetting or offensive content in search

Using data from human “quality raters,” Google hopes to teach its algorithms how to better spot offensive and often factually incorrect information.

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