2017 Week 12 SEO News Recap

How Fake News Changed SEO & How to Add More Facts to a Site

Fake news is a public issue. Google updated its Search Quality Rater Guidelines to take action against fake news in search. What should SEOs do about it?

Google Mobile First Index: Page Speed Included as a Ranking Factor

During yesterday’s Mobile First session at SMX, Gary Illyes from Google discussed page speed and how it would be incorporated into mobile first.  Google has now said that they will be including mobile page speed in the upcoming mobile first indexing change, the first announcement that it would be a factor.  And they are hoping to have the page speed component ready for when the index officially launches, according to Illyes.

Google Posts now gives museums, movies, musicians & sports groups dedicated space in search

Program opens in US and Brazil. Expansion is a sign Google no longer sees it as just an experiment.

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