2017 Week 2 SEO News Recap

No Need to Change Canonicals from Desktop for Mobile First Indexing

With the introduction of Google’s mobile-first index, a number of questions have been brought up. An especially good one relates to canonicals and whether or not the desktop URL should remain as the default. John Mueller answered that question by simply saying there is “no change there”. This was confirmed previously by Googler’s Gary Illyes and Doantam Phan.

Google has officially killed off their link command

Google told Searchengineland that the link search function is no longer functional, and that using a search like “link:www.example.com” will likely return irrelevant results. While this hasn’t been the most useful function in recent history, it’s demise further limits webmasters ability to identify links, especially from Google based products.

Consumers continue to turn to Amazon first for product search

According to Raymond James analysts, the number one search engine for product based queries belongs to Amazon. They estimated that 52% of product searches took place on Amazon, versus 26% on search engines in December (2016). For comparison, two years prior their analysis saw search engines with 55% of product searches versus 28% for Amazon. The data was based on Google Trends, which makes less than precise, but the overall conclusion seems to be probable.

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