2017 Week 24 SEO News Recap

DeepMind’s neural network teaches AI to reason about the world

Understanding the relationship between previously unseen objects is a key part of human intelligence, but a new system from DeepMind attempts to give AI the skill

Link Building: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What makes a link good or bad? Learn which type of links will hurt your website, which will just waste your time, and which will improve your ranking. What constitutes a good link or a bad one is critical in making smart link building decisions. Dabble in questionable link building activities today, even unintentionally, and you will eventually find yourself on the wrong side of a penalty costing you traffic and sales.

Google News spammed with drug spam, dating sites & more

Beware: The Google News health section is now filled with a lot of hacked content and spam.  It looks like it was injected with a ton of hacked content for pharmaceutical spam, as well as unrelated dating site spam.

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