2017 Week 28 SEO News Recap

Your Data is Wrong – Here’s Why

Here are some of the most common reasons your data is wrong and how to sidestep, recover from, or prevent the consequences.

Google: Position & Weight of Internal Links for SEO Value

An interesting question came up in the last Google webmaster office hours, with Google’s John Mueller being asked about internal links, and how Google weights those links for SEO purpose. While one use for internal links is for users to enable them to easily find their way around a site, there is also a great deal of value in those links for SEO as well, especially for signalling to Google and other search engines which of your internal pages are more important than others.

3 Ways SEO & Content Work Better Together
Keywords help you generate content ideas. Engaging content helps you build a diverse backlink portfolio. An audit can reveal where your content falls flat.

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