2017 Week 3 SEO News Recap

What Crawl Budget Means for Googlebot

Googler Gary Illyes wrote a blog about “crawl budgets”, specifically clarifying what that stands for to the Webmaster community. He primarily covers the crawl rate limit, crawl demand, and other factors that affect crawl budget. The limit can be modified based on a user’s Search Console setting and the demand from Google’s index. Answers to some of the top questions related to crawl budgets, specifically stating that “crawling… (is) not a ranking signal”.

Google Image Search Starts Playing YouTube Videos

As the shift to the mobile-first index continues, Google continues to make changes to the search experience. In a recent change to their mobile image search, it appears they are testing displaying Youtube video results. This is an evolution that will likely continue as machine learning improves and video’s can quickly be broken into image sets with incurred meta data based on the entities they depict.

Google testing new look for local inventory ads in place of local pack

Another update to mobile results is a roll out of Ads being placed in the local listing set. This doesn’t appear to have been rolled out universally but in the limited examples the results aren’t immediately apparent as Ads. The only real indication that they are is text above the results that says “Sponsored”.

Bonus: Staying with the US Digital Service

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