2017 Week 34 SEO News Recap

Confirmed: More Data Coming To Google Search Console Soon

Earlier this month, Google’s John Mueller hinted about more data will be coming to the Google Search Console soon. This is coming with the new beta release of the tool.
Well, Gary Illyes from Google while at an event in Japan, confirmed extended periods of data is indeed coming to the Google Search Console “soon.” He would not give a data on the release but he said it is coming soon.

How Voice Search Will Change The Future Of SEO

Voice search is undeniably growing at a rapid pace, and for good reason — it’s fast, convenient, allows you to search on the go, and it’s just cool. Even better, as the technology behind voice search services like Siri and Cortana improves, it’s becoming increasingly reliable. Because of this, smart marketers are developing ways to tailor their SEO strategies for voice search. As typed-out search terms become less popular, it’s going to get more and more important to start making those adjustments.

The Next Phase in the Evolution of Data-Based SEO

Anyone who’s been in the industry for a while is no stranger to the fact that SEO is constantly changing. As we now have a plethora of tools to help us cut through the massive amounts of big data we have at our fingertips, data-based SEO has changed the way we make decisions, allowing us to develop better campaigns. But, where’s it headed next?

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