2017 Week 37 SEO News Recap

Google Brain Canada: Google Search Uses Click Data For Rankings?

Mike Kilinski attended the annual Think Auto Google event in Toronto, Canada last week at that event, the head of Google Brain in Canada said that Google now uses click data for rankings. He said Google looks to train their AI models when “someone clicks on a page and stays on that page, when they go back” and so on.

Nested Structured Data Can Influence Whether Google Shows Rich Snippets

When it comes to Google not showing rich snippets in the search results for a site that has the markup, it is usually for two reasons.  Either the structured data is implemented incorrectly or there are quality issues with the site.  But according to Google, there is a third reason that Google might not show rich snippets – the way the structured data is nested on the page.

Ending FOMO with Community Updates

Google used machine learning techniques to find additional sources publishing local content— like hyperlocal bloggers and high school newspapers—and realized these and other local sources deserved their own unique space. So they redesigned Google News earlier this year to provide a place for this type of news to live—a tab at the top of the page called Local.

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