2017 Week 39 SEO News Recap

Apple switches from Bing to Google for Siri web search results on iOS and Spotlight on Mac

Apple is switching the default provider of its web searches from Siri, Search inside iOS (formerly called Spotlight) and Spotlight on the Mac. So, for instance, if Siri falls back to a web search on iOS when you ask it a question, you’re now going to get Google results instead of Bing.

More Google Algorithm & Search Results Shuffling

Barry Schwartz always see people complaining about changes in Google but when it reaches certain levels, that is when he decides to cover it. The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread saw a spike in complaints from webmasters and SEOs about ranking shuffles and the automated tracking tools also show huge changes.

Bing Testing Google-Like Ads Tag in Search Results

Bing is running another test to make their “Ads” tag look nearly identical to the way Google marks up their own paid results in the search results. While the new version they are testing is much more noticeable to alert a searcher that they are ads.  And they still aren’t quite as noticeable as Google’s own version which is green in color.

Bonus: Why Search Marketers Must Embrace Javascript Now

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