2017 Week 43 SEO News Recap

Google will reportedly share some revenue with news publishers

Google is reportedly gearing up to share revenue with news publishers. The plan is to combine Google’s treasure trove of personal data with machine learning algorithms to help news publications grow and maintain its subscriber base. For each new subscriber Google brings to the table, the company will reportedly take up to a 30 percent finder’s fee.

Google’s mobile-first index has rolled out for some sites & will be implemented very slowly

Gary Illyes from Google would not give us any timelines, but the rollout of the mobile-first index is going well, and a blog post about the process should be out soon. It is unclear how many sites have already switched over to the mobile-first indexing process.

Google Search Console Beta Launch Should Give Us A Years Worth Of Data

Google has been promising more than 90 days worth of data in the Google Search Console, since 2013 and they have been teasing us with it ever since. At SMX East, Gary Illyes said he would like to see the new longer termed stored data go live with the release of the new Google Search Console. He didn’t want to give timelines on anything but said he thinks we would get the year worth of data when the beta is launched.

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