2017 Week 44 SEO News Recap

Google ignores country domain and delivers search results on detected location

Google is doing away with using the country code element of its domain name to decide which version of its search results to serve users, and will instead serve the user results based on detected location. This means that regardless of whether a user searches from google.com, google.co.uk, or google.com.au, for instance, it will only return one set of results based on where the search engine believes the user is located.

Google: When to Remove & When to Improve Low Quality Content

The question is about low quality content and the best approach to it, and John Mueller from Google did say that it can sometimes be confusing with seemingly differences of opinions about what to do with it. Gary Illyes from Google has always been a strong advocate for improving content, but often also says that some content is not worth improving, such as hacked content or spun content.  He also recently said that removing low quality content won’t suddenly result in a ranking boost for the rest of the site.

New Google Mobile Rounded Interface Rolling Out

The new Google mobile interface is rolling out now. It seems that most people say they see the new rounded or curved mobile search results layout. Yesterday morning Google was testing it again, but I think it was the early stages of the rollout. Google has been testing this design for a while now and it seems like it is rolling out.

Bonus: Do Google Posts impact ranking? A case study

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