2017 Week 47 SEO News Recap

Identifying credible content online, with help from the Trust Project

Continuing its effort to guide searchers toward credible content, Google has announced plans to introduce eight new trust indicators.Google’s first step toward labelling news stories was came last year when the Fact Check tag was introduced.Most recently, Google has added publisher Knowledge Panels to better educate searchers about the sources they’re getting news from.

Engaging users through high quality AMP pages

To improve users’ experience with AMP results, Google is making changes to how they enforce their policy on content parity with AMP. Starting Feb 1, 2018, the policy requires that the AMP page content be comparable to the (original) canonical page content. AMP is not a ranking signal and there is no change in terms of the ranking policy with respect to AMP.


11 Ways to Prove the Value of SEO to Your Boss

You know SEO works, but your boss doesn’t. What does it take to convince your superiors of its value? This article highlights 11 ways to help you sell your superiors on investing more resources in organic search.

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