2017 Week 48 SEO News Recap

Learn more about the world around you with Google Lens and the Assistant

When Google introduced the Pixel 2, we talked about how Google Lens builds on Google’s advancements in computer vision and machine learning. When you combine that with the Google Assistant, which is built on many of the same technologies, you can get quick help with what you see. That means that you can learn more about what’s in front of you—in real time—by selecting the Google Lens icon and tapping on what you’re interested in.


6 Things New SEO Research Reveals About Content Marketing

Search engine optimization and content marketing share an awful lot of territory. It’s so extensive that people have written hundreds of articles about how content marketing is the new SEO. Or about how there is no SEO without content. That’s all true, too. Which is why so many content marketers either already have SEO skills, or are scrambling to get some – fast. Where you really get an edge is when you look at the newest SEO studies.


How to Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins

Companies of all sizes – from SMBs to large enterprises – need a cohesive approach to truly dominate the digital marketing front. If you want to achieve online success, aligning your SEO and content marketing strategies is crucial. But how exactly can it be done?

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