2017 Week 5 SEO News Recap

Google Becoming More Aggressive With “People Also Search” in Local Results

The placement of Google’s People Also Search in local listings is seeing some varied testing. For most users it has predominantly been seen below the ratings and reviews. In some recent tests, users have seen this is seen above the ratings, right below the map, as well as above the reviews and below the ratings. Just another reminder that SERP tests are happening all the time.

Google Wins ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Case in Japan

A Japanese court has ruled that search results are a form of speech entitled to protection. The court didn’t take up issue with EU’s “right to be forgotten” legislation, it simply declined to establish an overarching right for the entire country. This basically means that any requests for content removal from search results need to be assessed at the individual level and that the public’s interest in information should be weighed against that.

Google Testing 4 AdWords Ads at Bottom of Search Results; Some Ads Shown Twice

In another round of testing, Google is showing up to 4 Ads on the bottom of the SERP. This doesn’t seem horribly interesting as Google recently added up to 4 Ads at the top of the SERP, and this seems like an evolution of that. What does makes this interesting is that some users have seen the same ad in the first position on top and bottom, really rewarding the domain who gets it.

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