2017 Week 51 SEO News Recap

Google Search Console beta adds 12+ months of data to performance reports

The new beta version of Google Search Console has now added over 12 months of historical data to the performance reports. There is an option in the date filters for full duration. Some suspect the “full duration” means Google will be showing even more than 12 months of data in these reports, although that is unconfirmed and unclear at this moment.


Google Shows Us Context is King When Indexing People

Sometimes, you’ll see someone writing about SEO say that “Content is King”. But when I see that, I’m often tempted to respond with, “Context is king.” The right words at the right time meeting the intent of someone searching can fulfill their informational or even situational needs. When you write a page, you should include words that can help to show off the context of keywords that you may be focusing on during it’s creation.


Google Search Console Notifying Webmasters Of TLS Upgrade Requirements

Anyone who has been managing website security for the past few years has been following the long phase out period of TLS version 1. We are moving to TLS version 1.2, as TLS 1 is no longer that safe. TLS beats SSL, people still confuse both, but TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

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