2017 Week 6 SEO News Recap

What’s in an AMP URL?

Google has updated a display feature for AMP results that allows users to access, copy, and share the canonical URL (aka the actual site’s page).This is a good step in the right direction as oftentimes, users were sharing the Google AMP View URL which start with “www.google.com/amp”. This can be confusing and a bit misleading, which makes this update all the more welcome.

Google is testing a new way to report offensive Autocomplete suggestions

Google suggest or autocomplete has seen sharp criticism over the past few months for searches that could be viewed as offensive. The ability to report these has been available for some time but is rather difficult to find amongst their support pages. In lieu of this Google has been testing out an option to report them from the SERP itself. Once rolled out to all users, it will make the reporting process much simpler.

Google Doesn’t Expect Full Navigation in Mobile First Pages

With the continued focus on a mobile first web, some good questions have come up in a Google Webmaster Office Hours, such as what can be different between desktop and mobile webpages. John Mueller talked to this and basically said that content should be the same across mobile and desktop, but things like navigation can be scaled back for user experience.

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