2017 Week 8 SEO News Recap

Official: Google’s green outlined ‘Ad’ label replacing solid green version

The green out line ad format seen that Google has been testing is now being implemented as the standard ad format across the board. This ad format has caused some controversy as this is likely the closest paid results look like organic results.

No, Google Didn’t Remove NaturalNews.com Because Of Fake News

In a rare move, Google commented on a site being penalized and thus removed from Google’s index. The site claimed it was because of their political views and writing, but John Mueller stated it was primarily due to “sneaky mobile redirects”. A message about the manual penalty was posted to their Search Console account and they have since been added back to Google search results.

Google Showing AMP Carousels for Local Review Sites

Google is beginning to show local carousels (7 sites) that in some cases are AMP only results. These are separate from the local listing 3 pack. While AMP isn’t ranking factor per se, it does provide a better user experience and Google certainly takes that into account, especially in a mobile-first search world.

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