2018 Week 12 SEO News Recap

Google’s John Mueller Reveals New Details About Mobile-First Index

Contrary to what has been stated in the past, Google does intend to notify webmasters via Search Console when a site has been moved to the mobile-first index. Google has already started moving sites to the new index, so presumably the messaging is still being worked on because no one has been notified yet. However, you can look for an increase in activity from the mobile version of Googlebot or a noticeable drop-off in desktop traffic, which may confirm whether your site has been moved.

New Google My Business Dashboard Slowly Rolling Out

A big benefit of this update is that the arbitrary limits on the number of listings in an account seem to have been removed and the speed issues apparently will be gone. These changes are in a long line of upgrades to the Google My Business Dashboard since the dis-integration with Plus as Google has moved towards a single, integrated experience in the Dashboard that is the same regardless of whether you are an agency, a single location or a brand that does bulk uploads.

GoogleBot Won’t Be Upgraded To Latest Chrome Version For Some Time

As you know, GoogleBot uses Chrome version 41 to crawl the web, which means it doesn’t see everything the latest version of Chrome sees when crawling the web. Ashley Berman Hale posted on Twitter that John Mueller from Google said at SMX Munich that it will be a while before that gets updated. He said maybe by the end of this year or early next year. John said it requires a big update and that takes time.

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