2018 Week 14 SEO News Recap

Google: Adding New Pages Can Devalue Current Pages

Many people believe “more is better” when it comes to adding new pages on a site, without thinking about how it could impact the pages already on the site.  John Mueller addressed this in the recent Reddit AMA and specifically mentioned that sometimes adding additional pages might not be the best approach, depending on the motivation, as it can affect overall value.  This is something Google doesn’t usually address directly, aside from the quality aspect of adding pages and ensuring that any pages are high quality and add value to the overall site.  They don’t usually talk about its role in diluting or reducing the value of what is already there.

Google goo.gl URL Shortener Shutting Down On March 30, 2019

Google announced that they are shutting down, closing, their URL shortener service on March 30, 2019. Google first launched it in December 2009, and less than ten years later Google is going to shut it down.

Google patent on related entities and what it means for SEO

With the recently granted Google patent “Related entities” the Author believe this patent is being applied to SEO and it gives us significant insight into how Google identifies entities and the related entities people are searching for. The article looks at some interesting details to get a general understanding of the patent and its intent. Understanding how Google associates entities will help us grasp and use the connections to SEO.

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