2018 Week 17 SEO News Recap

PageRank Updated

A continuation patent of an updated PageRank was granted. The original patent was filed in 2006, and is quite reminiscent of Yahoo’s Trustrank, which is cited by the patent’s applicants as one of a large number of documents that this new version of the patent is based upon.

We updated our job posting guidelines

Last year, Google launched job search to connect more people with jobs. When you provide Job Posting structured data, it helps drive more relevant traffic to your page by connecting job seekers with your content. To ensure that job seekers are getting the best possible experience, it’s important to follow the Job Posting guidelines. Google recently made some changes to their Job Posting guidelines to help improve the job seeker experience related to: Removing expired jobs, placing structured data on the job’s detail page and making sure all job details are present in the job description.

Phrase-free AdWords campaigns are here

Some brick-and-mortar advertisers logged into accounts in late February to find new campaigns named “Local Search Ads Experiment Campaign” populated in AdWords. Google has confirmed that these campaigns are currently running for select advertisers only and promote verified business locations in local search results in both Google Search and maps without using keywords. Instead of keywords, Google uses Google My Business (GMB) information such as location address and location category to trigger relevant results. Advertisers cannot request to take part in the experiment at this time.

Bonus: What Consumers Do After A Voice Search And Other Data

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