2018 Week 2 SEO News Recap

Google Shows Real World Speed Data in PageSpeed Insights Tool

Google has released a new version of their PageSpeed tool, which now shows “real world” user speed experience, rather than strictly what Googlebot is seeing when you run the pagespeed tool.  This means site owners can get a more detailed representation of what their visitors are seeing – or waiting a long time to see – from a webpage.

Google My Business video uploads now available to business owners

Allyson Wright from the Google My Business team announced today that the video upload feature we saw being tested is now available for business owners in the Google My Business dashboard. Business owners can “view videos added by customers and upload videos about their business for customers to view,” she said. The video maximum length is 30 seconds, and after a video is uploaded, it can take up to 24 hours for it to be visible on the business listing in Google Maps or the local web search results.

Did Google Change The Reverse Image Search?

It seems Google either intentionally made a change to how the reverse image search results work or Google has a bug with that feature. In short, previously this feature would show the matching image of the website but now it seems to show mostly just search results. It would show an image thumbnail on the left of the search results snippets but that is gone also.

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