2018 Week 21 SEO News Recap

See what the world is searching for with the updated Google Trends

Google Trends has become a key part of journalistic storytelling, giving reporters everywhere an insight into search trends across the world. Recently, Google updated it with new features, simpler navigation and more ways to explore data and stories around one of the world’s biggest journalistic datasets. Many of the changes are based on feedback from Trends users. The new design puts more editorial data-based stories up front, and gives you the ability to create your own stories using Year in Search data, or by exploring the revamped Trending searches and Explore pages.

Google Tests Explore Feature In Local Search Results

Google now displays similar local businesses next to (on desktop), or above (on mobile) local knowledge panels after a user searches different businesses within one category several times. Google is still testing 2 different variations of the feature – “similar to” and “explore” carousels. The carousel features 5 listings that are picked based on their category and proximity to the searched business.

Taking action against scammers

Scammers claiming to represent Google continue to prey on small business owners. They often also make threats about removing listings or outrageous claims about ranking improvements. Sometimes they try to charge for things that are free on Google. In the past, Google has done a number of things to try and stop this kind of fraud, including filing lawsuits. Now, it’s stepping up its efforts and has announced a new set of initiatives.

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