2018 Week 22 SEO News Recap

Upcoming Google Speed Update Will Look More Closely At Page Speed Variations

John Mueller of Google mentioned the upcoming Speed Update coming to mobile search in July, he said that will be a “little bit more differentiated.” We know it will use real Chrome user data, which the revised page insights tool from Google has told us already. But John makes it sound like it is not only going to be about really really slow sites suffering but maybe different levels.

Bing Local Pack Testing New Card Style in Search Results

Bing is testing a distinct new style of their local pack in the search results.  Instead of the usual list of results together, this new layout has individual card-style results for each business within the local pack. However, some versions of this test drop the results in the local pack to only three results instead of the usual five.  This brings it more in line with the 3-pack Google changed to several years ago.

Referral Traffic From Google Search Surpasses Facebook on Mobile Devices

Google search has surpassed Facebook as a top source of mobile referral traffic, according to a new report from Chartbeat. Facebook referral traffic is also being eclipsed, for the first time, by direct-to-site traffic on mobile devices. Chartbeat has traced the decline of Facebook referral traffic to back to algorithm changes that were implemented earlier this year. This is when Facebook began showing more personal updates from friends and family, and fewer links to off-site articles. The rise in referral traffic from Google search is attributed is primarily benefiting pages that use AMP.

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