2018 Week 23 SEO News Recap

Easily manage thousands of locations with the Google My Business Agency Dashboard

Google has announced that the Google My Business Agency Dashboard is launching today. We had heard that this feature was coming a month ago, and now it is live. The Agency Dashboard lets local marketing agencies and local SEOs manage multiple listings in a more efficient and productive manner. If you are an agency, you can register here to gain access to the new dashboard.

Google’s Googlebot Crawling, Search Visibility and Rankings

When it comes to crawling the web, Googlebot crawls some pages with high frequency, with many crawls per day, while other pages can go months between Googlebot visits.  John Mueller from Google made some interesting comments regarding web pages that are crawled infrequently and why that might be, and if it is a concern for SEOs. First, he says that regularly crawling is not a requirement for any infrequently crawled pages to rank or be visible in the search results.  So just because Googlebot doesn’t crawl a page daily, weekly or even monthly, that Google will exclude the page from the search results

Google Posts testing different design and functional treatments in the search results

Google is testing new variations of how it shows Google Posts from local businesses in the search results. In the past week, we’ve seen three different variations of layouts and functionality around how these Google Posts are displayed when a Google local knowledge panel is returned in the Google search results.

Bonus: AI at Google: our principles

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