2018 Week 24 SEO News Recap

Bing announces Bing AMP viewer & JSON-LD support in Bing Webmaster Tools

Microsoft unveiled two new features within Bing during principal program manager Fabrice Canel’s appearance at SMX Advanced this morning. First, he announced support within Bing Webmaster Tools to debug and view your JSON-LD markup. Second, he announced support for a Bing AMP viewer.

Spotting and squashing spam on Search

When you search with Google, their goal is to provide you with results from relevant and authoritative sources. They try to ensure that search spam doesn’t get in the way of you finding the information you’re looking for. You can get a sense of how search could be ruined by search spam by visiting the spam folder in your Gmail account. Just as Gmail fights email spam and keeps it out of your inbox, Google’s search spam fighting systems work to keep your search results clean.

New innovations remove friction from discovering products in store and online

Driven by rapid changes in technology and mobile, consumer expectations continue to rise at an unrelenting pace. There are brand new ways for people to find and engage with businesses, and it’s becoming critical for marketers to remove friction at every step of the consumer journey. At Search Marketing Expo Advanced, Google made three announcements for marketers and retailers including:New innovations to highlight your physical locations, Competitive pricing insights to help deliver better sales results, and Updates for our Shopping Actions program

Bonus: Update: Google Search Console Crawl Stats Back

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