2018 Week 25 SEO News Recap

Get verified to manage your presence on Google

When you search for well-known people, organizations and things on Google, you’ll often come across a Knowledge Panel on the results page—a box with an overview of key information and links to resources to help you go deeper. Individuals and organizations with Knowledge Panels can use Google’s verification process to claim their panels and provide authoritative feedback on the information and images presented. Now Google is updating that process as well as extending verification eligibility to more entities.

Google Search Console Analytics API now has 16 months of data

Google announced on Twitter that the Search Console API now supports 16 months’ worth of data. The Search Console Analytics API lets webmasters and developers query a lot of the data you can get within the Search Analytics report in Google Search Console. When Google began rolling out the new Search Console, it came with 16 months of data in the new beta interface. The old interface did not see a longer history of data, nor did the API. But that has changed, and now the API lets you go back as far as 16 months of history.

Google Confirms Removal of Anonymous Reviews

Google has confirmed that anonymous reviews have in fact been removed from public view. Their statement: “We do not allow anonymous reviews today and we’ve removed legacy anonymous reviews.” In many ways, Google has become a more mature company in local  than the Google of old.

Bonus: Google Removes URLs in Under a Day After Search Console Requests

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