2018 Week 26 SEO News Recap

Google Adds New Hotel Carousel Features to Search Results

Google is testing a new carousel style feature to local packs for resorts and hotels.  In addition to the usual information, it has added an additional carousel before the listings. Dr. Pete Meyers spotted the test. There are new buttons in a carousel for “Top Choices”, “Guest Favorites”, and “Budget Options” among others.

Google Snippet Shows “Must Include” When Query Doesn’t Match

Over the past week or so, SEOs have been noticing that for really long tail keyword searches in Google, Google may not just show the “missing” label to describe a keyword in your search is missing from this specific result set, but now also includes “must include.” In short, it looks like Google is giving a way to the searcher to say these search results are missing keyword X, but if you want to include those keywords, you can click on the “must include” keyword and Google will force that keyword to be used in your query.

How we fought webspam – Webspam Report 2017

Google wants to make sure that when you use Google Search to find information, you get the highest quality results. But, they are aware of many bad actors who are trying to manipulate search ranking and profit from it, which is at odds with their core mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Over the years, Google’s devoted a huge effort toward combating abuse and spam on Search. This article looks at how Google fought abuse in 2017.

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