2018 Week 27 SEO News Recap

Google My Business Insights adds queries used to find your business

Google My Business is rolling out a new report in the Insights section of the console that is designed to show businesses how people are searching within Google Maps or Google Search to find your local listings. It is called the “queries used to find your business” report, and it shows the most popular queries for your business by unique users within a time frame.

Google Stops Crawling AJAX Crawling Scheme “For The Most Part”

In May, we reported that by the end of Q2 the AJAX crawling scheme will be going away. Well, Q2 has come and gone and has it gone away completely? The answer seems to be no. John Mueller from Google said on Twitter this morning “for the most part, we’ve switched to rendering pages with #! instead of using the ?_escaped_fragment_= versions.” But he said they still have “Some have direct links too, so crawling them won’t immediately stop.” So it is not like they are cutting it off 100% completely.

Google: Using Synonyms on a Page for SEO

Some site owners have been creative about interweaving synonyms into content on a page – some with more success than others.  And when it is not done very well, the content can be off putting for those who actually visit the page and read it. In the latest Google Webmaster Office Hours, John Mueller spoke about the role of synonyms in Google search.  But he also talked about how site owners should – and should not – be utilizing synonyms.

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