2018 Week 28 SEO News Recap

Google Search Console Search Analytics API now gives you 25,000 rows per request

On Friday, Google announced that the Search Console Search Analytics API now lets developers request 25,000 rows of data per request. This figure is up from 5,000 rows of data per request previously. Google also added 16 months of data to the Search Analytics API, so giving developers a way to get more data out of the API is a good thing.

Google Slows Crawling With 5xx Server Errors

When a website starts to serve Googlebot 5xx server errors, how does Googlebot handle the change in server status?  The question came up about Google crawl errors, and John Mueller from Google had some interesting comments about 5xx type of server errors and how it impacts Googlebot. So Googlebot will slow crawling once it begins to see 5xx server errors being returned.

Google Posts Adds Call Now Button

Google My Business has added the ability for businesses to add a “call now” button to their Google Posts. Before, the call-to-action options on the Google Posts for the “What’s New” box included “book,” “order online,” “buy,” “learn more,” “sign up” and “get offer.” Now Google has a new option that lists the business’s phone number.

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