2018 Week 29 SEO News Recap

An update to referral source URLs for Google Images

For webmasters, it hasn’t always been easy to understand the role Google Images plays in 20driving site traffic. To address this, Google will roll out a new referer URL specific to Google Images over the next few months. The referer URL is part of the HTTP header, and indicates the last page the user was on and clicked to visit the destination webpage. If you use Google Analytics to track site data, the new referral URL will be automatically ingested and traffic will be attributed to Google Images appropriately. This change will not affect Search Console.

Europe fines Google $5 billion for abusing its Android dominance

Google was ordered by the European Commission on Wednesday to pay €4.34 billion ($5 billion) for unfairly pushing its apps on smartphone users and thwarting competitors. The Commission said that Google broke the law by requiring manufacturers to install its Google Search and Chrome apps as a condition for licensing Google’s app store.

Google Automatically Recognizes Broad Site Changes

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that Google already can and does recognize broad site changes and thus there is no need for a button in Google Search Console to communicate these changes. John said “we already do that when we can recognize broader site changes — no need to make a (potentially confusing) setting.” This is in response to a webmaster asking for a way to “make URL transitions faster.”

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