2018 Week 36 SEO News Recap

Google Search now uses Service Worker for repeated searches

Google Search is now using Service Worker to cache repeated searches, loading results twice as fast. The tidbit was shared this week by Dion Almaer, Google director of engineering, and Ben Galbraith, Google senior director of product, at Pluralsight Live. Google Search leveraging Service Worker, an API for running background scripts in the browser, is new (the change started rolling out in June and was completed in July).

Google launches new search engine to help scientists find the datasets they need

Google’s goal has always been to organize the world’s information, and now it wants to do that for the scientific community with a new search engine for datasets. The service, called Dataset Search, launches today, and will be a companion of sorts to Google Scholar, the company’s popular search engine for academic studies and reports. Institutions that publish their data online, like universities and governments, will need to include metadata tags in their webpages that describe their data, including who created it, when it was published, how it was collected, and so on. This information will then be indexed by Dataset Search and combined with input from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Google: White Space Pushing Content Down Is Not An SEO Issue

Google’s John Mueller said on a webmaster hangout that white space pushing content down for design and layout purposes is not an issue for SEO or ranking in Google. He said the issue really revolves around having ads where it is hard to find the content on the page that the searcher is looking for. John is talking about the top heavy penalty from 2012 and the mobile interstitials penalty from 2016. But using white space, as part of your user experience, to make your site better for your users, that is fine.

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