2018 Week 37 SEO News Recap

Google is Bringing ‘WWW’ Back to Chrome URLs Following User Complaints

Google will again display ‘www’ and ‘m.’ in front of URLs in Chrome’s address bar after the decision to remove them was met with widespread user complaints. For those unaware, when Chrome 69 was released last week it surprised everyone when ‘www’ and ‘m.’ were no longer displayed in the address bar. Apparently, Google thought it was doing users a favor by removing those parts of a URL, but the criticism that followed say otherwise.

Google My Business testing future opening dates in the local panel for new businesses

Google is testing a new Google My Business (GMB) feature to communicate when a new business will be opening its doors. A new business can specify its future opening date, and Google can show that listing in the local panel with when the business is opening.

Google: We Show Original Date Or Last Modified Date In Search Results Snippet

Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout video that Google can show either the original published date or the last modified date of URL in their search results snippets. He said they are flexible about these dates and if the content substantially changed, they may use the last modified date as opposed to the first published date.

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