2018 Week 38 SEO News Recap

Google Responds To Auto-Translated Content Spam Issue; It’s About Intent

Since 2010 we knew that using Google Translate or other automatic machine translation services to convert content from one language to another and to rank it in Google was against Google’s guidelines. But recently some are saying with Google Translate getting much better, it has been harder for Google to discover what is machine vs human translated. One SEO brought up the issue in a hangout with John Mueller last month and John responded saying it is possible that Google isn’t able to figure out some cases. He said even more so, it isn’t about web sites doing this with good intent but those that use auto-translate service to spin and auto-generate content for spam purposes.

We sat in on an internal Google meeting where they talked about changing the search algorithm — here’s what we learned

Google has told CNBC that “there is very little search personalization” going on in the Google search results ranking right now and that the personalization that is currently used is limited to “user’s location or immediate context from a prior search.”

An open governance model for the AMP Project

When the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project began, the open-standard to enable publisher pages to load quickly on mobile was a Google-driven initiative. Recently, the company said there are “more than 700 folks contributing over 10,000 commits running on many millions of websites.” Now Google says AMP is moving to an “open governance model.”

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