2018 Week 45 SEO News Recap

Google Tests Double Featured Snippets

Several people have recently reported seeing double featured snippets in Google search results. A double featured snippet is a featured snippet with a second featured snippet beneath it. This arrangement effectively shows information from two websites and advertising in the space normally showing ten websites.

Google Rolls Out New User Interface for Hotel Search on Desktop

For quite some time user interface for Google’s hotel search was very inconsistent between mobile and desktop devices. They didn’t look similar (arguably, the UI on mobile was slicker) and didn’t offer the same features. A recent example of this inconsistency is the hotel location score that was rolled out in August to mobile search and was not made available on desktop. This seems to be changing now. Google has quietly rolled a new UI for hotel search to desktop devices which is very similar to what we’ve used to seeing on mobile phones:

Google asks SMBs if they’ll accept calls from Google Assistant

In what appears to be a single market test, Google is asking Google My Business profile owners whether they’re willing to accept “Google Assistant calls.” The company explains that this means two things: 1) let customers use Google Assistant to book reservations and appointments and 2) allow Google Assistant to confirm factual information about the business.

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