2018 Week 46 SEO News Recap

PageSpeed Insights, now powered by Lighthouse

Google announced that Pagespeed Insights (PSI) now uses Lighthouse as its analysis engine. This allows developers to get the same performance audits and recommendations everywhere: on the web, from the command line, and in Chrome DevTools. PSI also incorporates field data provided by the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX). Version 5 of the PageSpeed Insights API will now provide CrUX data and all of the Lighthouse audits. Previous versions of the PSI API will be deprecated in six months.

Google adds event listings, detail filters in Google Search Console performance report

Google added a new set of filters around event markup in the search appearance filter in Google Search Console‘s performance report. This new filter lets you see how well your event listings in Google search are doing in web search. In addition to the search appearance compare or filter rich results, AMP non-rich results, AMP article, job listings, job details and web light results – you can now also see how this by events in search.

Google: We Fixed Web Indexing Issues With Google News Publishers

Google’s Lisa Wang said that they fixed the indexing issues some news publishers were experiencing. In short, news publisher’s content would not show in the web search results, for hours and sometimes days, after the content was indexed. Google says this is now resolved. Lisa also commented in the ongoing Google News Help thread “The issue has been fixed. There is no action you need to take on your end. Thank you for raising this and for your patience as we worked to resolve.”

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