2018 Week 47 SEO News Recap

Google Explains What to Do if You’ve Acquired a Domain With Bad History

Google’s John Mueller has provided some guidance on what site owners should do if they’ve acquired a domain with bad history attached to it. Mueller said that this is a problem that should resolve itself over time. It really depends on the extent of the bad history and how long it was going on for. If there was just a brief period of bad history then it will eventually disappear on its own, Mueller says. However, if the period of bad history goes back upwards of ten years or longer, then it may be a cause for concern.

Google: You Can Rank In Google Even When You Spam By Mistake

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that even if you make a mistake and do keyword stuffing or some other spammy mistake on your site, it is still possible for the site to rank in Google because of the positive things the site is doing. “Usually we’re just ranking them because of other factors – getting one thing wrong doesn’t mean you’ll never show up in search,” John said. This was in response to someone complaining to him that a site that does an insane amount of keyword stuffing, which is against the Google guidelines, is still ranking well in Google.

Google’s EU shopping comparison rivals say their situation is getting worse

Roughly a month ago it seemed that Google’s efforts in shopping search were making progress and that they would likely be able to avoid additional antitrust penalties. In a new open letter to European Commission (EC) competition chief Margrethe Vestager, EU shopping comparison rivals argue that things are actually getting worse for them. The letter encourages the EC to enforce its decision and demands a remedy that provides equal treatment. 

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