2018 Week 49 SEO News Recap

Google’s local pack adds ‘sold here’ label on query match

Google has added a new label to the local pack results in both desktop and mobile search. When you search for an item and Google knows the local store has that item, Google may show a label named “sold here” in the local pack’s description. This is similar to the website mentions label launched in 2017 in the local pack.

Google: Canonical Tags May Not Work With Other Inconsistent Signals, Like Redirects

Aaseesh from Google responded to a complaint about Google not picking up on a web site’s canonical tags. He said that “even if you setup the canonical tags properly, other signals like inconsistent redirects can make Google not select your preferred URL.” Aaseesh said this in a Google Webmaster Help thread and added here’s a list of steps you can take to ensure your preferred URLs are getting indexed.

Google Refutes DuckDuckGo’s Claims of Creating a “Filter Bubble”Google has refuted DuckDuckGo’s recent study which claims that Google’s personalized search results create a “filter bubble.” A Google spokesperson reached out and stated:
“This study’s methodology and conclusions are flawed since they are based on the assumption that any difference in search results are based on personalization. That is simply not true.”

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