2018 Week 7 SEO News Recap

AMP stories: Bringing visual storytelling to the open web

The AMP story format is a recently launched addition to the AMP Project that provides content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories.

Google launches new look for ‘people also search for’ search refinements

Google has launched a new look and feel for the “people also search for” query refinement box. Google has been testing numerous designs of this feature over the years, including dynamic loading versions. Now, Google shows a box around an organic result with “people also searched for” suggestions below, separated by a line. The suggestions either load on delay or when a user clicks on a result and then clicks back to the search results.

What Counts as Crawl for Search Console?

In this post a test of some long held ideas about how crawls work are measured for the new version of Search Console. This covers everything from the last crawl dates given down to the second to the fetch and render tool and most things in between.

Bonus: Google gets in on mobile ‘story craze’ with new AMP Stories format

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